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They get the work done right!

"We have used ten different outside computer consulting firms over the years and L.A. Computer Works is the first one that actually gets the work done right" - Wayne Alexander Alexander, Nau, Lawrence & Frumes

Provide excellent, fast service

"LA Computer Works provides excellent, fast service. They have saved us from disaster more than once. They just get it done right." - Rob Jupille, RTJ Financial Management Santa Monica, CA

They speak plain English

"L.A. Computer works was receptive to our needs; they were quite punctual in getting things done. I've enjoyed working with them. If we had a problem we would call them up and they would be there. They are very dedicated to getting the work done. Michael's been extremely helpful. He's made me aware of many things that honestly, I didn't know existed, that we weren't even aware we could do with our computer network. I feel a real level of comfort with them. The one thing I really like about Michael and Jeff is if there is a problem they will be there, even if it will take them all night to get us back up and running. The nice thing about working with Michael is although he is a techie he also speaks plain English. He is easy to understand when he says something; he really tries to inquire as to what your real needs are and not oversell you with things you don't need. " - Richard Rosenthal, Rosenthal Law Corporation

There is a real sense of service

"When we interviewed several consultants for the job of overseeing our network services we found that Michael and L.A. Computer Works were the best qualified for the job. The way Michael does things; he is very methodical. He'll research it. If there is a problem he can quickly see a solution to get you up and going, but then he'll go further and make sure he has found the best solution. He'll research it himself and then consult some of his colleagues. Then he'll come in, sit down and Boom! From start to finish…step by step by step by step by step and it gets done in half the time these other guys were doing it. What I liked was the monitoring service that he offered Peace of mind just to know its there. There is a real sense of service Mike is really good about follow up, about getting the job done and doing it right. That is something I don't often see other places. " - Joseph Whalen, MIS Director Campos Creative Works


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